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Vodná fajka Steamulation Prime Mini Hookah, číra



Dostupnosť: Na dotaz - info@orienta.sk
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Číslo produktu: ST-PMT
bez DPH : 199,17 €
s DPH (20 %):
239,00 €

do košíka:


The Steamulation Prime Hookah‘s represents the perfect fusion between a compact size and a pure smoking experience! While it stays true to the classic Steamulation design it still contains all of our features with its compact size. The V2A Stainless Steel parts are manufactured with the highest precision to fully maintain the expectations and demands for all our customers.

Scope of delivery:

  • Steamulation Prime Hookah
  • Hose Adaptor (18.8)
  • Unique Serialnumber

Technical Details:

  • Vase diameter: 20 cm
  • Built in, adjustable Diffusor
  • Recommended filling capacity: 0.8 – 0.9 Liter

 The Steamulation Prime impresses with ist handy elegance. It combines the subtle and aesthetic design, that our products are known for in a noble and compact look. Even though its smaller size the Steamulation Prime supports the fastest connection system in the world, the SteamClick 360, aswell as the integrated valve technology of the Advanced Closed Chamber System. An adjustable diffuser is already integrated into the dip tube. On top of that we added an 18.8 Connector at the upper part of the smoke column. Thats how we ensure you that the Steamulation Prime White is no inferior to our other products. Its elegant design, its compact size and its high quality make sure that this hookah does not leave anything to be desired!


Stainless Steel

  Top-quality stainless steel is used for the manufacturing of our Steamulation Prime Series. Due to its positive material properties, the stainless steel that we utilize is also used in various high-performance sectors. The material’s high resistance to corrosion and wear ensures that our Prime Series models maintain their beauty not only in the short run, but also in the long run.


Crystal Glass

  The Steamulation Prime Series vases are handcrafted from premium crystal glass. The vases impress with their distinctive shape and classy colour collection. The Prime Series comprises a clear, a black and a white version. All vases are characterized by premium quality that is also reflected in their weight of 1,6 kg. As a further proof of quality, every Prime Series vase carries our Steamulation logo on it. In using the Prime Series vase, we recommend a filling level of 0.8 to 0.9 litres.


Advanced Closed Chamber System & Perfect Airflow Technology

  The Prime Series is equipped with the most advanced valve system for hookahs: The Steamulation Closed Chamber System, in which the valve balls are integrated directly into the chambers. This special modification promotes a perfectly steady airflow and thereby creates the incomparable Steamulation smoking experience. Moreover, the valve balls can be taken out of the chambers in one step, whereafter old smoke can easily be blown out of the vase.

Our Perfect Airflow Technology complements the innovative chamber system. All air-ducting components have been developed to support an ideal airflow and thus add to the unique smoking experience with Steamulation.


18,8 Ground Joint

  No disadvantageous screw thread, but a perfectly fitted shape. Our Prime Series models are equipped with a 18,8-sized ground joint that allows you to conveniently mount the hookah plate and bowl adapter within seconds. Optionally you can also attach a molasses catcher. Being made of high-quality stainless steel, the adapter is designed for longevity.



  Our Prime Series features an innovative diffusor that is directly integrated into the dip tube. The diffusor is activated by pulling up the sliding sleeve. Thus, the air outlets are uncovered, and the smoke is distributed more quietly. To deactivate the diffusor, the sliding sleeve can be pushed down again. Innovative, functional and deployable according to your wishes – the Prime Series diffusor.


Konus One

  The Konus One V2A mouthpiece is another reflection our spirit of innovation. The precisely manufactured mouthpiece has a conically tapered top that allows you insert it into a free hose connector. The hose connector then serves as a smart holding device, with the components’ exact fit assuring a firm hold. Thus, the Konus One mouthpiece offers unique comfort and adds to the unparalleled Steamulation smoking experience.

Výrobca: Steamulation
Farba: Číra
Materiál hadice: Bez hadice
Korunka - typ: Bez korunky
Materiál tela: Nerezová oceľ
Farba tela: Matný chróm
Celková výška vodnej fajky: 45 cm
Spôsob pripojenia vázy k telu: Klik
Celková hmotnosť vodnej fajky: 3,3 kg
Vývody celkovo / na hadice: 2/1
Iné: Celková výška a hmotnosť sú bez korunky


Adresa: Na Hlinách 25, Trnava

Email: info(a)orienta.sk

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