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Vodná fajka The Steamulation Superior Rose



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Číslo produktu: HUSS-H-R
Výrobca: Steamulation
Farba: Číra
Materiál hadice: Silikónová
Korunka - typ: Bez korunky
Materiál tela: Nerezová oceľ
Farba tela: Ružová
Celková výška vodnej fajky: 67 cm
Spôsob pripojenia vázy k telu: Klik
Celková hmotnosť vodnej fajky: 3,3 kg
Vývody celkovo / na hadice: 4/1
Iné: Celková výška a hmotnosť sú bez korunky
Cena bez DPH : 399,17 Eur (10 288,52 Czk)
Cena s DPH (20 %):
479,00 Eur (12 346,23 Czk)

do košíka:


The Steamulation Superior Rose!

Our trusty and classic design of the Steamulation Rose amazes everyone with its perfectly adjusted colors, combined with the high quality Steamulation is known for.

The quality parts of the Superior Rose are made from aircraft aluminum by our manufacturers in Germany and are combined with our well-known crystal glass.

That’s how we make sure that no wishes remain unfulfilled!


Scope of delivery:

  • Steamulation Superior Rose
  • Hose Set (including: Konus One Mouthpiece, Silicon hose black, Aluminum hose adapter (18.8))
  • Unique Serialnumber


Technical Details:

  • Vase color: Clear
  • Height: 67 cm
  • Weight: 3.3 kg
  • Vase diameter: 28 cm
  • Removeable Diffusor
  • Recommended filling capacity: 2.5 – 2.8 Litres

Steamulation Superior Rose

Its noble and remarkable design is the result of countless tests, just to find the perfect fit for the colorful components and the crystal glass for the Superior Rose.

Not too feminine – not too masculine – just perfect!



Exclusive Materials

The hookah base station is manufactured in Germany and made by the highest quality aircraft aluminum out there, as well as stainless steel components.

To ensure a steady quality throughout all of our parts, our included mouthpiece, the smoke column, the Down-Stem and the Diffusor are also manufactured in Germany.


The aluminum parts are anodized to preserve their glossiness and protect them from corrosion.  After this anodic oxidation treatment, the products’ surfaces are as hard as sapphire and, thus, we can guarantee the longevity of our products.

The glass vase is made of our known crystal glass to finish the Steamulation Superior Rose.


SteamClick 360 – The fastest hookah connector in the world

Even though the design of the Steamulation Superior Rose might be the most obvious selling point, it surely is not the only one!


Of course, we’re using our well known SteamClick – System here as well!

Customers from all over the world appreciate the easy handling and save and solid connection that the SteamClick provides.

In addition to that, this System allows a 360 degrees rotation which is an amazing feature, especially when you are smoking with a group of people.

Integrated valve technology

As all Steamulation products, the Steamulation Superior Rose also comes with our trusted valve technology.

It enables a completely new interior as well as exterior design and operates without an extra blow-off valve. The smoke can either be blown off or dragged via the hose connectors.

All of that, combined in one hookah base!

Our precise manufacturing routine enables us to fully replace any traditional rubber seals, which often break or become a yellow mess. The Steamulation hose adapters are characterized by their perfectly fitted conus. The hose can simply be put on the adapter without any sealing ring.


Optionally you can attach a molasses catcher on top of the 18,8 Connector of the smoke column.

Every water pipe has its own serial number.


Nargila s.r.o.

Adresa: Na Hlinách 25, 91701 Trnava

Email: info(a)orienta.sk

Telefón: +421 944 446 970